Pay as little as $25 per prescription for Uribel*

The Uribel savings card is available to everyone who is eligible

Use the savings card to offset the cost of your co-payment or coinsurance.

Use the savings card to receive a discount off the retail price of each Uribel prescription.

How to use the Uribel Savings Card

STEP 1: Download the savings card to your phone or print out and bring to your doctor’s office.

Ask your physician for a prescription of 20 capsules of Uribel (with refills if you need more).

STEP 2: Talk to your doctor.

If you have private insurance coverage for Uribel, ask your doctor:

“May I have a full prescription for Uribel? “

If you don’t have coverage for Uribel under private insurance, ask your doctor:

“May I have a prescription for 20 capsules of Uribel, with each refill also for 20 pills? “

STEP 3: Talk to your pharmacist.

I have private insurance coverage for Uribel. What is my co-payment or coinsurance for Uribel? Is my co-payment more expensive than the full retail price?“
(In some cases, if you pay for Uribel out-of-pocket [without using insurance] and use the Uribel savings card, your prescription may be less expensive than it would be if you used insurance.)

I don’t have insurance coverage for Uribel. I’ll be paying full retail price for Uribel.“

STEP 4: Present the Uribel savings card, along with your prescription, to your pharmacist.

“Here is my Uribel savings card. I’ll be using this savings card every time I fill a prescription for Uribel. Thanks!“

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