Urinary Diagnostic Procedures

Urinary diagnostic procedures, such as cystoscopy, can sometimes result in urinary tract symptoms1
The last time Frank had a cystoscopy, he developed pain and spasms that kept him uncomfortable all night. This time around, Frank wants to make sure he has symptom relief available just in case.*

Uribel® Therapy

Unlike single-agent analgesics, Uribel contains ingredients that can help to alleviate urinary tract symptoms:
  • The antispasmodic agent hyoscyamine, which helps relax smooth muscle tissue to relieve urinary pressure and spasms
  • The analgesic agent phenyl salicylate to relieve pain and inflammation
Frank started taking Uribel the day of his cystoscopy to help control possible discomfort symptoms. The procedure was uncomfortable, but he had the peace of mind that came from knowing that Uribel would help to provide relief.*
*Hypothetical patient. Results may vary.


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The Uribel savings card is available to everyone.

Patients with private insurance can use the Uribel savings card to offset the cost of a co-payment or coinsurance.

Patients without insurance coverage can use the Uribel savings card to receive a discount off the retail price of each prescription.

Patients with Medicare can use the Uribel savings card :

Medicare does not cover Uribel; therefore,

-Patients can use the Uribel savings card to receive a discount off the retail price of each prescription.

-Medicare patients are entitled to use the Uribel savings card if they are paying the full retail price for Uribel.

Subject to eligibility. Terms and conditions apply.